Philanthropy Classification System


Describes WHAT is being supported – grantmaker areas of focus, primary work of nonprofits and activities being funded

Example: Elementary education or Clean water supply

Code is applied to:

  • grantmaker profiles to represent the primary areas of focus they consistently support (1 required; no limit on number of codes)
  • recipient profiles to represent the core activities and services of the organization (1 required; can have up to 5 codes)
  • grant details to reflect the specific program or activity being supported by the grant when that is outside of, or more granular than, the recipient organization’s core programs (not required; can have up to 5 codes)

Additional Details

Similar to our population group and geographic area served coding practices, subject codes at the grant level only vary from those used on the recipient organization if the grant details indicate that the work being supported by the grant is different or more specific than the default coding already applied to the recipient organization.

This information can be derived from a funding or recipient organization’s mission statement and online materials.  To apply information at the grant level, the Candid must have a grant description for reference.

Grantmaking organizations may supply suggested codes for their profile using our Updater tool.


You can use our new Visual Navigator to explore and discover the terms used in each class and the relationships between them!

Foundation Updater

Grantmaking organizations may supply suggested codes for their profile using our Updater tool. 


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