Philanthropy Classification System

Organization Type

Describes WHAT type of organization is providing or receiving support 

Example: Family foundation or Schools

Code is applied to:

  • grantmaker profiles to represent the type of organization providing funding and may include subcategories and fund types administered (1 required; no limit on number of codes)
  • recipient profiles to represent the legal status and/or primary function of the organization (1 required; can have up to 5 codes)

Additional Details

These codes are meant to provide an overarching context of the organization’s tax exempt or other status. They do not necessarily reflect the nature of the work or populations served by the organization’s services. A code identifying a religious institution without a secondary code of Place of worship may operate outside a formal religious structure, such as a church or temple, and are classified as a Religious institution to identify the contributions of religious bodies in areas of activity not related to worship or spiritual development.


Various types of funds or programs administered by Public charities, Community foundations or Businesses will also be captured here, such as Donor advised funds and Corporate giving programs.  


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